5 Tips for Standing Out When You Go Back to School

    Written by Shopping Video. Posted in Cc caps, Girls fashion, Knit caps

    Going back to school is tough. You’ve been away for a while enjoying the summer, and there’s an entire year of work facing you. Not only that, but you’ve got to deal with all the social aspects of school again, too. There are a lot of good reasons to look your best on the big day when you first go back to school. For one thing, you want to get noticed for the right reasons. For another, you want to feel good about yourself so you start out the new school year on the right foot. Finally, you want to make sure you’re sending the right message to everyone who sees you. From the pony cap to the right tee shirt, here’s how to nail your back-to-school fashion statement.

    Mix it Up

    The old rules said that you have to pair casual with casual and sophisticated with sophisticated. That’s no longer the case, but people do still follow this rule most of the time. That’s why you can really stand out by pairing a knitted tee shirt with a sophisticated and classy trouser or skirt. You can do t