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    Gearing Up Your School Spirit

    Practically every person in the U.S. alone owns a drawer-full of them: t-shirts. Although that untouched drawer of high-school sentiment is so hard to part with, they probably don’t even fit you anymore. So why do you keep them? Company apparel of any design can sneak its way into your closets in the form of musty old custom high-school t-shirts that you and your classmates tie-dyed in the 4th grade; however, the company apparel can also be as relevant and meaningful to you as the shirt you won from your color run 5k last summer. Roughly 62% of Americans report that they own ten or more t-shirts in their wardrobe collection. That’s an estimated 1.5 billion shirts! This makes sense however, T-shirts are practical for virtually any occasion — school prep rallies, fund raising events, and sport team spirit events, just to name a few. T-shirts bring great revenue to schools, in fact, 73% of academic fundraising sales are funded by elementary school


    Does Your Charter School Have a Website? Why Custom Spirit Apparel is Popular With Children

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    Apparel fundraising

    Is your school losing its funding? One mid-sized city’s reports are shocking: administrative officials are in talks to close all four of the city’s high schools. Citing crumbling infrastructure and high student dropout rates, officials are asking high school aged children to learn from home via the internet. While this may provide a workable solution in the short term, parents are asking for cost cutting areas in other sections of the city’s budget. High school students are speaking out, and they want to remain in school.

    Most schools struggle at least a little bit with funding: teachers consistently report that they spend their own money on costly classroom supplies. Older Americans remember a time when their school’s fundraising efforts involved selling candy bars, but younger Americans are e