Why High Visibility Clothing Works

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    Every year, people are killed in construction and roadside jobs in America. In 2015 there were 13 deaths a day among America’s workers. One of the best ways we have of minimizing deaths on the job in these cases is safety workwear and high visibility clothing. Here’s the lowdown on what hi vis work shirts are all about.

    Understanding the Human Eye

    Sense of Sight

    You probably know how amazing a dog’s nose is and how much of a dog’s brain is dedicated to processing the sense of smell. While human beings are a bit more rounded in processing our five major senses, there’s no doubt that for most people sight is the primary sense. More of our brain is devoted to processing sight than any other sense.

    The Brain and Sight

    Our amazing sight helps our brain to process information quickly and efficiently, and one of the things that humans are best at is ignoring nonessential information and tossing it out so that our enormous brains can focus on what they think are