There are many routes to crafting a formal look, whether it be for business, a special occasion, or simply an outfit to look nice in. No look is as simple and sophisticated as a clean three-piece suit. Naturally, these looks are best created by a custom clothier or tailor.

However, it’s difficult for many people to find custom suit fitting in a place that works with their budget or lifestyle. Many services like this are inaccessible to people who live in certain areas, and it’s even harder to take on when you don’t know what you’re getting into.

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If you’re planning on visiting suit shops, or if you need a collection of men’s suits (perhaps for a wedding or funeral) it’s important to speak beforehand to the people you’ll be working with. Men’s tailoring is an old and traditional business, and it’s essential to find one that can cater to your personal needs, comfort zone, and most importantly, financial situation.

If you’ve had difficulty with finding a tailor, it’s for sure not impossible. This video is one of many of its kind, and serves as a good introduction to what an appointment for a custom suit is like.