A gate does not have to be installed by professional gate installation services. You can accomplish it if you have the necessary tools, time, and motivation. The Gatepost YouTube Channel has a video titled “Gate Installation Video” that walks you through the process of installing.

The first point to emphasize is the importance of wearing protective goggles to shield your eyes from dust and debris. The other thing is that you must have the proper tools, which do not necessarily include welding but do include measuring, digging, and level placement.

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The following step is to determine the spacing between the posts in order to dig holes. Ascertain that the length of the two posts is equal to the length of the gate’s poles. The hole’s depth should be 36 inches.

Because the pole is made of iron, it is critical to put paper or concrete brick into the hole’s base to prevent rusting. The hinge brackets are then attached.

Ascertain that the poles are parallel and equal in height, which can be determined using a laser or a string. Following that, the gates are connected to the hinges.