When you look at a broken piece of metal or jewelry, you may think that it’s junk. It can be hard to reimagine something nonfunctional as something beautiful, but several young people are doing just that. Tons of thrifty young adults are making vintage and retro jewelry out of pre-loved abandoned materials. This method of jewelry-making is incredibly cheaper than purchasing new material on its own, and gives a new life and character to pieces. This video illustrates some gorgeous examples of recycling abandoned jewelry pieces.

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Creating thrifted upcycled jewelry can be complicated if you don’t have a vision. To start, visit thrift stores, pawn shops, and garage sales to find broken jewelry for sale.Antique stores are known to have several old pieces that make perfect starting points for jewelry projects. If you can find a set of several jewels, beads, or stones, then snag them! You can make several matching pieces and create a coordinated set. If you are looking to open up a jewelry store with your work, then matching sets are crucial. Most of all, don’t be afraid to get creative!