Some studies indicate that children who go to pre-school or day school have a distinct advantage over children that have not gone to pre-school when they begin kindergarten. The popular YouTube channel Tut2Learn looks at what makes the best day schools: the best teachers.

The best pre-school teachers have graduated from college, with a focus on education or child development.

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Most college courses require students to take extensive time teaching children. Good day school teachers should have a teacher certification for your state. Although all pre-k teachers in public schools need to be certified to be hired, private pre-k schools are not required to hire certified teachers.

The traits of a good day school teacher are patience in dealing both with children and parents. They need creativity to think up new ways to keep the attention of small children and to be a good manager of the classroom without being a tyrant.

Teachers should be able to clearly communicate since they have to teach difficult concepts to small children. They should not only talk well but know when to be quiet and listen. They need to listen not only to their students, but to parents, other teachers, and the school’s administrative staff.