If you are interested in installing a garage door screen, it would be a good idea for you to watch this video. The first thing you should do is walk the garage door screen to the middle of the space of your garage door. Then, you should mark the spot.

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Make sure that your snaps are located between two and three inches from the door track. Screw the snap to your wall, and attach it. Stretch the screen to find out where the next snap should be. Repeat the steps with the snaps until the screen is completely attached. In order to store the screen, roll up each of the sides. Pull them tight, and use the provided clips to secure them.

The garage door screen is easy to use, as there is a heavy-duty zipper that will provide access as needed. You can attach it to either the inside or the outside of your garage. If you install this screen correctly, it is not going to interfere with the functioning of your garage door. It will store conveniently out of the way, and it will be able to perform its purpose without interfering with anything else.