Pawning your jewelry can be a great way to make money fast if you are in dire need. It is also a great way to get rid of any gold, electronics, or jewelry that is taking up space in your home. Pawning electronics has become popular, with 30.1% of Americans doing so for cash. This video goes into detail on what to know about pawning your jewelry for the best profit.

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Make sure to clean any of your items before pawning jewelry at a pawn shop. This will make sure that the jewelry looks the absolute best it can before trying to sell it. Be careful to not drop your jewelry into a drain! You can also clean any other product you are attempting to pawn.

Bring any paperwork that the item might have attached to it. This could be receipts or authentication certificates. These might not be necessary but can upgrade the value of your jewelry. Diamonds can be worth some money at pawn shops but only if they are large enough and have a good amount of clarity. Make sure to follow these steps for your best pawn shop experience.