When you hear the word “luxury,” you probably think of a mansion, a fancy golf club, and of course, a king size bed. A king size mattress used to be something that very few people invested in, but these past few years have brought a great influx of people making the big switch to the coveted king bed. No only are king size beds significantly larger than queen, full, and twin bed, they can also be much better for your back support.

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This video gives a quick rundown on the most recommended king size mattresses of 2021.

Clearly, king size mattresses are only getting better as the years progress. Currently, you can buy a king size mattress specifically for your sleep style! Mattresses for couples, side sleepers, and those with back pain are among the most popular models, but others also go for the memory foam-topped mattress. There are even king size mattresses that you can get brand new for cheap. With so many options to choose from, what is holding you back from buying the mattress of your dreams this season?