Every girl loves her jewelry, and a lot of the boys do, too. Jewelry has been important to human beings from time immemorial. Watches alone have been part of men’s fashion for more than 400 years. Today, almost 30% of women say they would turn down a marriage proposal if they didn’t like the rain that was offered with it! From rings to earrings, we love our jewelry and always have. We especially love to order custom jewelry. Here are the stories of some of the weirdest requests for custom jewelry that anyone has ever gotten.

Taxidermy Jewelry

This is definitely not for everyone. Some people, however, like to have a small remembrance of the fleeting nature of life on this Earth. They get that special reminder by asking someone to stuff a small animal and put it in a necklace. This odd custom isn’t new, though. People have been requesting this weird custom jewelry since Queen Victoria.


An even more unusual thing to remember is your roadkill conquests. Now, ordering or making some custom jewelry that incorporates the bones, skin, or teeth of an animal that you killed is nothing new. Many ancient peoples did this as a way of celebrating their fighting prowess, or just because they like the look. Some tribes still do this today.

But now, you can actually celebrate the courageous conquest of your four-ton car over a squirrel by having the animals bones and fur made into jewelry.

“Personal” Jewelry

One frequent request for custom jewelry is to have jewelry made out of something from a person’s own body. This could be gallstones or kidney stones, or a finger or toe that was accidentally cut off. If you never want to be without that special part of yourself, this is the custom jewelry order for you.

Lost and Found

One piece of jewelry you will have trouble ordering a replica of for yourself is the Patiala Necklace. This is one of the most famous pieces of custom jewelry ever designed. In the late nineteenth century, De Beers found a huge yellow crystal in one of their mines. As one of the largest diamonds ever found, it was put on display in Paris; and the Maharajah of Patiala saw it there. The Maharajah ordered a special necklace made using the diamond, demanding that it be “a ceremonial necklace worthy enough for a king.”

The amazing necklace that was custom designed for the diamond included not only the famous diamond, but almost 3000 other diamonds, many Burmese rubies, and all of it on ropes of platinum. It’s the most expensive piece of jewelry that has ever been created.

The Maharajah wore it many times until his death, when it was locked away to be used only for special occasions. In 1948, it disappeared. Blame was placed everywhere, but no one really knew what happened to it.

Even stranger, the famous diamond–not the whole necklace–suddenly reappeared at a Sotheby’s auction in 1982. In 1998, a representative for Cartier– the company that originally designed the famous necklace– found what was left of it in an antique shop in London. All the biggest stones were gone.

Hairy Fashions

During the Victorian era, people begin ordering custom jewelry that included or was even made from human hair. It all started when Queen Victoria wore a lock of her husband Albert’s hair around her neck after Albert died. Over in the United States, people were making ceremonial wreaths using the hair of the recently departed as a kind of sentimental tribute to the dead. Women’s magazines regularly contain patterns for making these hair wreaths.

More recently, different feminist artists have made custom jewelry pieces from hair in an attempt to highlight the position of women in general society.

You can have necklaces made with almost anything you can possibly imagine. Custom jewelry is a great way to showcase your individual style and make a statement about what you value and who you are. But do take some advice from us: don’t put roadkill around your neck.