The Strangest Custom Jewlery Ever Ordered

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    Every girl loves her jewelry, and a lot of the boys do, too. Jewelry has been important to human beings from time immemorial. Watches alone have been part of men’s fashion for more than 400 years. Today, almost 30% of women say they would turn down a marriage proposal if they didn’t like the rain that was offered with it! From rings to earrings, we love our jewelry and always have. We especially love to order custom jewelry. Here are the stories of some of the weirdest requests for custom jewelry that anyone has ever gotten.

    Taxidermy Jewelry

    This is definitely not for everyone. Some people, however, like to have a small remembrance of the fleeting nature of life on this Earth. They get that special reminder by asking someone to stuff a small animal and put it in a necklace. This odd custom isn’t new, though. People have been requesting this weird custom jewelry since Queen Victoria.