Celebrity gossip

Today in entertainment, celebrity news plays a huge role. The ups and downs of fame for the latest celebrity can be read across countless gossip sites. Is this just a public need to engage in escapist behaviors, or is it something else? Celebrity news is generally associated with the magazines in supermarket checkouts, yet the comings and goings of celebrities keeps an entire industry running. Celebrity gossip keeps an estimted $3 billion industry going each year.

How Do Celebrities Influence the Our Culture?

For those on the outside, changing market trends probably seem closer to smoke and mirrors than the ebb and flow of ocean tides. While there will always be some degree of unpredictability when it comes to the spending habits of large groups of human beings, experts learned long ago certain indicators that help predict future trends. One such indicator is the latest celebrity news gossip. For example, the hip hop demographic alone contributes an estimated annual spending power of about $500 billion annually.

Today In Entertainment: What’s the Public Obsessed With?

Those same supermarket tabloids will inevitably proclaim what the public is currently obsessed with. It may seem the public is following specific people, and the scandal originates within just one person or two. The real obsession is actually with the perceived sin the celebrity is committing. For example, a beautiful couple who is divorcing is fascinating not because the people involved are wealthy and beautiful. Instead they are fascinating because even being wealthy and beautiful was not enough to put them above being unsatisfied in their marriage. That’s something many adults can relate to, and it is a very ordinary misery.

Celebrity News: Playing Out Cultural Stereotypes.

Another common feature of flashy headlines is stereotypes. A well-known actor may be portrayed as having a drinking problem, just like any other person. This doesn’t stop the magazine from running plenty of sleek liqueur advertisements, some with the socially responsible admonishment to “Drink Responsibly.”

Many times, actors and actresses have their pictures taken while they’re at the beach or pool. Inevitably, those pictures will be admired or scorned, depending on the season of life the poor actor or actress happens to be in. If they are promoting a movie, it is a sure thing that the workout schedule and meal plan to get them there will be outlined in detail.

Celebrities have fascinated people for thousands of years. Even during the glory days of the Roman Colosseum say many guests fanatically support their favorite gladiator. Admiring certain chosen people from afar for their beauty and/or skill seems to be in our history. It certainly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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