Black entertainment gossip

One of the largest industries in the United States, and even across the globe, involves discussing celebrity gossip. This can include current celebrity news, black gossip sites, the latest Hollywood news, and so many other things. People love to pay attention the lives of celebrities in many ways.

There has yet to be a certain psychological study that breaks down why people love celebrity gossip so much, it is still a true statement. This is why companies like TMZ are able to run a television show almost every day where they basically break celebrity news and discuss celebrity gossip.

Between the years of 2014 and 2015, the highest celebrity earner was Floyd Mayweather. He managed to net an annual income of $300 million. He is just one of many celebrities that have risen to the top of the earnings list.

The singer Beyonce is estimated to have a net worth of nearly $450 million. This makes her one of the most successful female artists across the word! She is currently married to Jay-Z, another musical artist, and he has an estimated net worth of $650 million. This means that between the two of them, they have a collective wealth of nearly $1 billion.

Another popular celebrity in terms of celebrity gossip is Will Smith. He is currently one of the film industry’s highest paid actors and nearly all of his films have grossed over $100 million. Almost 7 million people in the United States visited RandB/rap/hip-hop concerts within a period of 12 months prior to spring 2008.

There is almost $500 billion annually spent by the demographics of people that prefer hip-hop as their favorite genre. So this means that black culture is on the rise and this is why Jay-Z and Beyonce are current;y at the height of their powers, not to mention that they are tremendously talented.

Jay Z earned his 11th No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 with The Blueprint 3. This allowed him to beat out Elvis, for the record of most number one albums by a solo artist. While it does not deal directly with celebrity gossip, this is an important stat to know. This is because not many people could have fathomed that Jay-Z would beat out an American Icon like Elvis.

A 2011 study by Harvard Business School concluded that signing a big-name endorser increases a company’s sale by $10 million annually and spurs a 0.25% increase in stock returns. This stat points to the fact that people really value the presence of famous people. Celebrities can help boost a companies value by simply appearing in a few advertisements. This is why big corporations shell out huge chunks of cash to get celebrities for commercials.

The Oprah Winfrey Show aired for 25 seasons, from 1986 to 2011. With its placement on 120 channels and an audience of 10 million people, the show grossed $125 million by the end of its first year, of which Winfrey received $30 million. The combined revenue for the celebrity gossip industry tops more than $3 billion per year.

Denzel Washington has won two Oscars. He is one of the few black actors to have won an academy award and became the second in history after Sidney Poitier who won his in 1963. Black Entertainment Television, also known as BET, is viewed in more than 90 million homes worldwide. As of 2010 it was the most prominent television network targeting young black-American audiences and was the leading provider of black American cultural and entertainment based programming.

In Conclusion

Tyra Banks is the first African American to be featured on the covers of GQ in February 1996, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 1996, and Victoria’s Secret lingerie catalog. She is one of many famous celebrities that can be found in the tabloids that discuss celebrity gossip.

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