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The Fan Story Behind the Brick in Supreme’s Fall/Winter Catalog

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It’s ironic, but the skaters and burnouts who would normally make fun of someone who paid $3,000 for Prada shoes will go absolutely bananas for the latest drop from Supreme clothing store. And as it turns out, Supreme apparel devotees really will buy anything, so long as you slap the Supreme clothing brand and logo on it first.

Consider: the Supreme brick. That’s right, a literal brick, made out of red clay. A brick just like any other brick you’d find anywhere else — except this one has the Supreme logo on it.

The skater brand unveiled this brick — which, again, is just a brick — as part of their Fall/Winter 2016 collection preview. It was definitely the most curious n


Are You Ready for a New Hairstyle?

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It might be easy to predict the most famous name of many African American girls who are born in the next year.
After two different Simone’s captured gold in Rio at the 31st Olympics, the name is likely to become the most popular name for a few years.
It was a memorable Olympics in Rio for many athlete from around the world. For two female African American athletes, however, the memories will never disappear because their accomplishments will forever be a part of history. Simone Biles, arguably the best ever female gymnast, went home with five Olympic medals, four of them gold.
And on the same night that the sports writers and Olympic television directors were featuring Biles’ accomplishments, another soon to be even more famous female African American athlete was making news herse


Why You Should Be Taking Good Care of Your Skin

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Taking care of your skin is paramount for your overall health. If your body’s first line of defense is somehow damaged, especially to the the point that it cannot adequately function, there will be serious trouble. However what many people do not realize is that they are already putting that defense system at risk each and every day. It is very easy to take for granted everything that your skin does for you. Imagine how vulnerable we would be to everything without it! From small changes in temperature, to unavoidable elements like dirt, insects and germs, there is plenty going on outside of our bodies that our skin protects us from at every turn. So it might be wise to take care of it in return.

How Auspect skin care products can help
Many people go about


The New Temporary Tattoo For Grown Ups

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In many ways gold is the king of jewelry. You might even say it is the gold standard, pardon the pun, but soon there may be a new contender to take away the bling-bling crowd. Think about a beautiful bride walking down the aisle in the most outstanding bridal jewelry you have ever seen. You can tell that it is either from a custom jeweler or it might be antique, but the long and the short of it is that it is outstanding bridal jewelry. What would happen if this jewelry not only shimmered and shi


Planning the Perfect End of Summer Family Vacation

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We are at the end of the summer and unfortunately, winter is coming. Children are already preparing to return to school people are trying to squeeze in the last bit of summer. Now is the perfect time to take a family vacation, before the hustle and bustle of the school year begins. A perfect end of summer vacation is one that allows all of the family members to participate in activities they enjoy, one that encourages family memories and one that is warm and tropical, leaving you with lasting summer memories. Florida is a great place to experience all of these things, and is a vacation that all members of the family are sure to enjoy.

The majority of people who visit Florida choose to return at some time. Many people even choose to move there. In fact, 1,000 new people move to Florida every day. The


Benefits of Work Boots that Offer Compression Resistance

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There are a wide range of professionals that require a specific type of boot. These include military, police, construction, tactical, and others. Due to the nature of these types of jobs, foot injuries may be common without the proper footwear.

Injuries can include crushing injuries to the foot that can cause broken bones, severe bruising, and swelling. Injuries can also include sprains, twists, and strains. Inappropriate footwear can lead to slips or falls, shin splints or other leg injuries. The increased risk of injury is why certain professions require a specific type of boot. These are suggestions but rather uniform requirements.

You need a boot that offers compression resistance. This will diminish the risk of a wide range of possible injuries. Compression resistance will project the foot


Get Your Walking Shoes On, It’s Time to Turn Things Around!

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In today’s day and age, there are plenty of opportunities to sit. We sit in front of televisions, we sit in offices all day at work. With the world quite literally at our fingertips or at least always within reach with the technology that we have available to us, it is far too easy to simply sit for extended periods of time. However we as a species were not built for all of that sitting, and too much of it can have a negative impact on our health. While there are times that it seems the hectic nature of everyday life is a bit too overwhelming, and the one thing that might help is to just sit and relax, it is probably time to start considering other outlets for that stress or fatigue.

Moving when you feel like sitting
Yes, the urge is often quite strong to simply sit. But co