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    Don’t Miss the Total Solar Eclipse! Get a Pair of Eclipse Viewing Glasses!

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    How to stay safe during a solar eclipse

    The 2017 total solar eclipse is coming to the continental United States on August 21. Since this is the first time in 38 years that this has occurred on the United States’ mainland, it is going to be a spectacular, must-see event.

    It’s interesting to note that a total eclipse can only be seen from the same area an average of once every 375 years. This is even more cause for celebration, since it will be visible here in just a few more months.

    The area where the total eclipse is visible is referred to as “the path of totality.” This distance is 120 kilometers wide, which is roughly 75 miles. If you’re planning to go sky watching on August 21, be sure to wear your eclipse glasses so you can safely view this phenomenal event!

    NASA says that the only way to safely view this


    Where Do You Buy Most of Your Clothing?

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    Supreme bookbag

    Long sleeve black t-shirts with printed graphics on the sleeve, front, and back. A black quarter zip quilted vest with an arced logo across the front. A white long sleeved t-shirt with a photo transfer of a popular comedy team from the past.
    These are all examples of Supreme brand clothing items that you can find on popular internet resale sites. If you are struggling to find the pieces of the Supreme apparel that you want the most, it is likely that you will need to be more diligent about the decision to buy Supreme online the second it is released.
    When a wildly popular brand becomes an internet sensation, consumers have to make a c


    Three Important Factors While Choosing High Visibility Safety Clothing

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    Reflective button down work shirts

    One essential part of making sure all of the workers on a work site are safe is ensuring that all workers can be seen. All of the safety protocol in the world serve no purpose if the operators of heavy equipment don’t know there is a person present to follow the safety protocol for. This is why brightly colored workwear, such as hi vis waistcoats, cargo work pants with reflective tape, and fluorescent vests play such an essential part in work site safety.

    When choosing the right hi vis waistcoats and hoodies, construction safety vests, and other workwear for your staff, it’s a good idea to keep the following factors in mind:

    Three Important Factors While Choosing High Visibility Safety Cl


    Why You Should Start Donating those Old Clothes ASAP

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    Donating clothing to charity

    Most people clean out their closets from time to time which can be a freeing experience, but it’s made even better when the unwanted clothes are donated in the process. There are a ton of people who need clothes out there, and even if the style seems a bit outdated to you an item could be a godsend for someone else. Here are some reasons why veterans donations are the way to go.

    Most people are aware that donating their clothes is a good idea but just don’t know how or where to do it. Without knowledge about the experience, it’s more likely that people will end up throwing clothing away, but there’s a better way. It might not seem like a big issue to toss a t-shirt here and there, but the average American throws away 82 pounds of textiles each year.

    Overall Americans only donate around 15 perce


    Discover the Harmful Nature of EMF Radiation

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    Microwave shielding

    Many households all across the world have electronic devices within them. These innovations can help us find a location, talk to a loved one, and do just about everything in between. However, many people are unaware of the harm that they could be suffering by having electronic devices in their homes. It goes without saying that you won’t want to rid yourself of these devices but there is way to protect your cells from the electromagnetic fields caused by electronic devices. The damage done by EMF radiation can also produce overwhelming feelings of stress. In a 2012 study, it was revealed that constant EMF exposure created an environment of psychological stress in cells after only 1.5 years. In this post, we will discuss the effects of emf exposure on children, factors to determine your own