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    Why Special Products Are Necessary for Beard Care

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    Black men beard care

    Beards have long been a sign of individualism and creativity, indicating a person who makes their own rules rather than following others. Until recently, however, the practical aspect of caring for beards was largely neglected. Despite the proliferation of hair and skin care products for men, there weren’t many specialized products, especially black men beard products.

    Beards are a fashion statement
    Beards have been seen as a sign of individuality and character. More than two out of three or 67% of one thousand men surveyed in New York City, had facial hair, in the form of a beard or mustache.
    For one third of those surveyed, the preference was for a full-beard. That makes it the most popular style of facial hair in the city. When asked for their reason for growing a bea


    The Top Three Most Surprising Reasons Why Your Workers Need Safety Clothing

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    Cotton safety shirts

    While workplace technology and safety standards have undoubtedly improved over the last several decades, occupational hazards continue to endanger all too many people in the workplace.

    In fact, a shocking 4,836 workers lost their lives while on the job in 2015 ? that’s 13 deaths per day that could have been prevented with proper safety uniforms and procedures. In addition to personal protective equipment (PPE), workers need high visibility workwear in order to prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace.

    Here’s a look at three of the least commonly known reasons why your workplace needs to be seeking out safety clothing companies to


    How To Decide Which Hair Removal Method Is Right For You

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    Brazilian wax rockville pike

    Have you ever gotten any waxing on your body? Maybe you only wax certain areas or perhaps you only do hair removal for specific seasons. Whether you choose to get your brows done with eyebrow threading, or you get a Brazilian, or you just get laser hair removal, waxing can be beneficial. If you have never tried waxing but are interested in finding out whether or not it is a viable option for you, there is plenty to learn to help you make the decision.

    In need some of information to help you decide whether or not waxing is something you want to do every once in awhile or on a regular basis? Keep reading to find out all about waxing.

    Through waxing, hair removal products or shaving, women spend a lot of time and money removing hair from their bodies. In fact, 99 percent of women


    Are You Looking for a Way to Stay Safe While You Run?

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    High visibility hooded sweatshirt

    You made sure to make the entry in your runner’s journal before you threw the hi vis long sleeve shirts in the laundry, and even before you iced and napped. You feared if you did not record the notes right away part of the pain from the day’s race might forgotten. You doubt it, but it is possible.
    A few notes on the race before I ice and nap. The North Dakota run is one I will not soon forget. From the beginning, you knew that I was in for something special when I signed up to run a race in hockey town. The start did not disappoint. Because we were so close to the Canadian border, the official start began with got Oh Canada and the Star Spangled Banner.
    This was a flat, flat course which meant that I had pretty high expectations, which is an awesome mindset to have going into any