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    How to Make the Most of Flower Delivery and Florists

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    Humanity has a strong relationship with plants of all kinds. Some are used for construction, such as hardwood trees and bamboo, while many others are eaten. Flowers, meanwhile, have long since stood as a type of plant valued for imagery and meaning, and for many millennia, flowers have been significant for not just decorations and personal gifts but also for symbols. The famous War of the Roses is just one example, and in some Asian cultures, flowers are used as symbols of royalty or divine right. Today, flowers have many meanings around the world, ranging from the romantic love connotations of the red rose to the innocence and purity of the daisy. Today, the flower industry is a big one, and some major uses for decorative, well-grown flowers include weddings, funerals, and holidays such as St. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas, and a florist near you can help provide bouquets as needed. Getting flowers delivered is a major aspect of preparing for a wedding, for example, and


    Now You Sea Me, Now You Don’t: Exploring Certain Sea Glass Colors

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    Genuine sea glass jewelry is a beautiful thing. Leave it to the ocean to take the glass that can be thousands of years old and create something beautiful from the glass litter in the sea. The types of beach glass that people collect from years of it tumbling and becoming smoothed from the ocean are numerous.

    Human beings have been using glass containers for a very long time and they have often made their way into the water one way or another only to resurface later. There are, however, some that are rarer than others. Let’s explore some of the more common and the rarer sea glasses that are tumbling around the ocean.

    White and Green

    You’ve seen glass containers of these colors your whole life. Most glass bottles are either clear or green a la Coca-Cola and Sprite/beer bottles. The green is a bright emerald color and the white actually begins clear, but clouds into a frosted white over the years it spends rolling around in the surf.

    Yellow and Black

    Interestingly enough, yellow sea glass doesn’t always begin yellow at all. Sometimes it begins clear, but yellows over time from the ultraviolet rays of the sun tinting it. Black sea glass usually originated as dark-colored glass that darkened even further over time. Though, glass producers once made black glass by adding certain amounts of iron residue to the glass. Both colors are exceptionally rare and prized among homemade sea glass jewelry enthusiasts.


    Orange is far and away the rarest type of sea glass, found once every 10,000 pieces. It was never a commonly produced color for glass products, but the fiery orange color was used to produce some decorative glass objects from nick-nacks to tableware. Because they’re the most common glass colors, they are also some of the oldest pieces of sea glass that you can find.

    Of course, there are many different sea glass colors floating around out there waiting to be picked up. The world of sea glass colors is wider than you might think. As deep and wide as the ocean is, there’s glass undiscovered in the deepest reaches waiting for the right moment to shine once it’s washed up onto the shore.


    Of Course!

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    Gearing Up Your School Spirit

    Practically every person in the U.S. alone owns a drawer-full of them: t-shirts. Although that untouched drawer of high-school sentiment is so hard to part with, they probably don’t even fit you anymore. So why do you keep them? Company apparel of any design can sneak its way into your closets in the form of musty old custom high-school t-shirts that you and your classmates tie-dyed in the 4th grade; however, the company apparel can also be as relevant and meaningful to you as the shirt you won from your color run 5k last summer. Roughly 62% of Americans report that they own ten or more t-shirts in their wardrobe collection. That’s an estimated 1.5 billion shirts! This makes sense however, T-shirts are practical for virtually any occasion — school prep rallies, fund raising events, and sport team spirit events, just to name a few. T-shirts bring great revenue to schools, in fact, 73% of academic fundraising sales are funded by elementary school


    Donating Your Old Clothes to Charity

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    Donations for non profit organizations flow across the United States every year, and among the most common items among donations for non profit organizations are clothing and accessories, from shirts and pants to hats, gloves, scarves, shoes, and more, and helping military families or other families in need is always encouraged by those who run these organizations. Even better, clothing donation locations are all across the United States, and nearly every community is bound to have at least one where clothes may be given to the crews there to be donated to those in need. Donations for non profit organizations can be given once a person assembled everything that they plan to donate and look up the nearest pick-up address. A quick Internet search may yield nearby pickup sites, and queries such as “Where can I donate clothes?” or “local do