6 Wedding Sparkler Mistakes to Avoid

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Long lasting sparklers

Wedding sparklers are a great way to engage your guests and allow your photographer capture some really fun and beautiful moments. Of course, sparklers are not fool-proof. Here is a list of mistakes to avoid when making your grand exit.

  1. Not getting permission from your venue
    Before you go out and buy sparklers in bulk, check with your reception venue to make sure they allow sparklers at all. Some places may not permit sparklers for insurance reasons.
  2. No planning or announcement
    If you want your wedding sparkler send-off to be a succe

What Should You Look for in Wedding Sparklers?

Written by Shopping Video. Posted in Buying sparklers online, Wedding sparklers

Sparklers for weddings

Have you seen those gorgeous wedding photos with sparklers? The contrast of dark and light is striking, not to mention the flattering shadows cast by the sparks. As with most things that look so simple on Pinterest, it takes more than one would at first believe to create a photo shoot like that. It is not enough to buy sparklers online from just anyone. The original wedding sparkler company set up shop somewhere around 10 years ago, and set the bar on quality wedding sparklers.

The little sparklers handed off to kids on July 4 each year are not the same as those created by the original wedding sparkler company. Those traditional ones last a maximum of 45 seconds before smoking out into nothing. That short amount of time is not eno