10 Ways EMF Shields Control Radio Frequency

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    Laptop radiation protection

    In a modern world where almost everything has been wired and powered up, there will be always the concern of radiation emission. From small gadgets at home such as sockets, power cables, hairdryers to large appliances such as microwaves, dishwasher or fridges, the potential harmful electromotive force will definitely find their way out to the general public.

    A study conducted back in 2010 showed that children and adolescents between the age of 8 to 17 years exhibited signs of (electromotive forces)EMF exposure, irritation, nausea, and headaches. Regardless of how the level of radiation and electromotive force, it potentially poses EMF risks. And that’s why lately, the industrial focus has been to create EMF protection.

    Traditionally, whenever there was the concern on EMF frequencies, p


    EMF Energy Everything You Should Know About This Silent Killer

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    Hsp quiz

    The human body is a magnificent organism comprised of billions of cells that each serve a vital purpose in keeping you healthy. These cells that make up the human you are are sensitive to energy that runs through your body, and from your surroundings. In fact, the natural energy that comes from the biomagnetic fields is enough to ignite the cells of your body.

    Now, consider the extreme levels of energy that the delicate cells of your body are exposed to due to our increased used of electronics: every text message that pings from one cell phone to another. The frequency of a WiFi signal being sent back and forth between electronics in your home, school, work, and even in your coffee shop. Consider the energy that the microwave harnesses to prepare an entire meal in just sixty seconds. When you consider that e