Taking A Closer Look At Functional Fashion In The United States

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    Taking care of kids as they grow is certainly far from uncomplicated. Children have many needs – and they also have many opinions, which can make meeting those needs something of a difficult task, as anyone who has a child that is a picky eater can attest to. Picking out clothing is another one of these needs that can lead to a bit of contention between parent and child, because the styles that kids are drawn to are not necessarily always the most durable and practical options that are out there.

    For many parents, back to school shopping is the prime time to stock up on clothing for their children as they grow throughout the year. In fact, when we look at overall consumer spending here in the United States, we see that back to school shopping is actually the second biggest season for shopping in the entirety of the year. And while many of the purchases made during back to school shopping season will be for the various school supplies that all children need, much of the costs will


    Fall Into Style With These Great Looks

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    Why should kids have all the fun? Back-to-school season is the best time to stock up on great fall and winter looks. You’ll find fun, on-trend items at just about any Back-to-School sale. Check out these examples for some fun ideas.

    Long Sleeve Shirt

    Whether they are tied around your waist or worn over a tank, a long sleeve shirt is your go-to staple for your fall wardrobe. Pair a slouchy flannel shirt with a cute tank, jeans and a pony cap for casual days. Head off to work in a dressier long sleeve blouse or fitted shirt. Whether they are cute, casual, elegant, or somewhere in between, a long sleeve shirt is your fall go-to.


    Beanies are a classic wardrobe basic that never goes out of style. If you can live with a bit of “hat hair” a beanie is just right for keeping warm as temperatures drop, or for hiding a bad hair day. Beanies co