Military Charities Put Clothes to Good Use

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    Military charities are always on the lookout for increased donations and helping families in need across the country, especially military families. Most of all, they are interested in clothing donations for these military charities, and organizations exist to pick up these used clothes and send them where they are needed the most. This need is ongoing, and donating to this cause can go a long way.

    Today’s Clothing Waste

    The garment industry is massive: every year, the U.S. can generate about 25 billion pounds of new textiles, and the average American woman today has an outfit for every day of the month. Not all of it is new; every year, an average American will buy 10 pounds of old or used clothing.

    However, for how huge the garment industry is, the wastefulness of it all is apparent. A lot of old clothing is thrown away rather than donated,