If you survived through the early 2000s, then you’ve probably experienced the odd fashion phenomena that we went through around that age. It was before fashion had really become cool and everyone was trying to find something colorful to wear. From Key rings bracelets to hair scrunchies, to sports team lanyards, these were all questionable fashion choices that people collectively made. One thing that couldn’t be avoided was colored lanyards. If you were at lunch in school, there were probably dozens of kids who were tying these together to make bracelets for their friends.

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Even if you didn’t think it was cool, kids still did it, and they’re even still doing it to this day. In this video, we see how someone makes a twisted bracelet that looks pretty cool. The first thing you need though is the material to make the bracelet. Luckily, these types of bracelets start in a simple weave that doesn’t utilize any sort of additional material. Once you have that, all it comes down to is technique and you’re ready to start making bracelets like it’s 2004.