Buying an enclosed trailer is no different from buying a new car or house. You have some important questions to consider before you make your selection. The YouTube video “Why Choose Polycore Exterior on enclosed trailer” is a good place to start. The video highlights the benefits and advantages of selecting a trailer with a Polycore exterior. Consider what you’ll be using the enclosed trailer for and under which conditions you’ll be operating the trailer.

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For example, you might need the exterior to be sturdy. In that case, some exterior materials won’t suffice.

Asking the Right Questions About Enclosed Trailers

What is your budget? This will determine if you purchase a steel or aluminum trailer. Steel is more expensive. The outer skin thickness does matter. Entry-level units are for people with a smaller budget for users that don’t use their trailers too often. Do you need a flat or rounded roof? Flat roofs have less roof space on the inside. Do you need a ramp or a barn door on your enclosed trailer? This will depend on what you’re using the trailer for. A barn door is more suitable for storing equipment. A ramp door may be better for other projects. Ultimately, your questions are best answered by what you’ll use the trailer for.