Did you just purchase some cellular shades? Do you want to learn more about shade installations? This video from home depot takes you through the process of installing your own cordless cellular shades at home.

Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, are an ideal option that creates privacy and can improve efficiency. The installation process for these shades is quick and easy.

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First, you will need a few tools before you start. The supplies you need are the cellular shades, shade package contents, a measuring tape, pencil, standard level, and a drill. If you haven’t purchased your shades yet, you will need to make sure you measure your windows to ensure they fit. If you are interested in an inside mount you will want to measure the width of the window opening, and then the height. If you prefer an outside mount, measure the width across the window and the distance you want the shade to hang down.

If you just bought cellular shades and want to install them yourself, then the full video for the step-by-step process. Installing window shades can be simple and effortless. Don’t forget to subscribe for more content!