If you’re adding curtains or drapery of any kind to a room in your home, you may be overwhelmed by options. There are endless possibilities for what type of curtains you choose. Ultimately, the choice is up to you.

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But there are some key questions you can ask that can help guide your search and find curtains that are a good fit for your home.

First, you want to determine the primary function of the curtains. Will these curtains be used to block sunshine and other light from entering the room? Or will these curtains serve a purely ornamental purpose? Answering this question will narrow down your search by helping you determine which type of material you should consider.

Next, you’ll want to ask yourself what your vision for the room is. What is the overall design aesthetic that you’re aiming for? This will help you determine the style and type of curtains you select, as well as the color or pattern you should consider. Do you want something elegant and luxurious? Or something clean and simple? Do you want something bold and colorful or something more muted and understated? Answering all of these questions will help you find a set of curtains that complement your room beautifully.