If you’re thinking about finally buying that motorcycle you’ve always dreamt of, you should keep reading. The Youtube video “5 Reasons to Get a Yamaha MT-07” will have you rushing to the Yamaha dealership to get the best model available. Let’s find out why!

The host of the video purchased a Yamaha MT-07 after owning an MT-09 for a while. He believes that the MT-07 is the better model, which might sound crazy to some motorcycle aficionados, but there’s a reason why he came to that conclusion.

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One of the greatest aspects of this bike is the grunt. You get on it and drive off to enjoy a fantastic time, which is what any bike owner wants. Additionally, it’s one of the best city bikes you can choose.

It’s lightweight, small, has a great exhaust sound, and it won’t get too heated if you’re riding through the city in the summer. However, you also need to follow your gut when you go to the Yamaha dealership. The perfect bike is normally the one that feels better to you.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about the MT-07 and why you should go to the Yamaha dealership.