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    Why High Visibility Clothing Works

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    Every year, people are killed in construction and roadside jobs in America. In 2015 there were 13 deaths a day among America’s workers. One of the best ways we have of minimizing deaths on the job in these cases is safety workwear and high visibility clothing. Here’s the lowdown on what hi vis work shirts are all about.

    Understanding the Human Eye

    Sense of Sight

    You probably know how amazing a dog’s nose is and how much of a dog’s brain is dedicated to processing the sense of smell. While human beings are a bit more rounded in processing our five major senses, there’s no doubt that for most people sight is the primary sense. More of our brain is devoted to processing sight than any other sense.

    The Brain and Sight

    Our amazing sight helps our brain to process information quickly and efficiently, and one of the things that humans are best at is ignoring nonessential information and tossing it out so that our enormous brains can focus on what they think are


    The Story of the Engagement Ring

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    There are so many institutions we witness from day to day but we never question. Most of these things we don’t even notice but like a ship underneath us, these institutions carry us forward while we go about our lives. We never see them, we can barely feel them but they are there and they are numerous. For example, driving on the right side of the road. Now, most of us know that in some other countries they drive on left side of the road instead of the right. We are aware of that, some of us might have even been to those countries and see these different customs in action, but we don’t often think about them unless we have to. At best and most of the time, our awareness of these various ideas and customs is limited to a fuzzy overall memory that we don’t usually need. Regional cuisines, for instance, are another custom that we tend not to think about until we have to. Someone who has moved from upstate New York to Oregon is going to find that Oregon is a much different place with a muc


    Healthy Ways to Stay in Shape

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    Society, as it is now, is growing more and more sedentary every year. Side down, lie down, sleep, we are constantly being encouraged to cede control and stay still while the world around us moves faster and faster. But we don’t have to give up that control if we don’t want to. Staying active, getting out, making a positive action oriented difference to your lives or the lives of people around is important and it doesn’t take much to get started. It might seem scary or intimidating, at first, to get where you want to go. On the threshold of being more active there’s a fear that it will too exhausting or too complicated for you to grasp more effectively. There’s always a fear that it’s just going to be too much and you’ll somehow regret trying to get out there. But you should never let that hold you back from doing something that you know is good for you. Take, for example, the story of a hypothetical secretary. Now, this secretary, let’s call him John, does his job well but h