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The Man Reasons to Grow a Beard

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There are many reasons why a man might grow a beard. He might be trying to attract a certain lady or man to accompany him on a date. He might be trying to impress co-workers with his brand of manliness and ruggedness. He may be trying to stay warm during the winter’s chill. There are many reasons why a man might grow a beard.

Research shows that a woman, whether she is a girl or a young lady or a woman, will be more interested in men that have some kind of facial hair. Smooth shaven is out, while beards and stubble are in. A man that has a beard is more likely to be considered a good mate for a relationship. Stubble is more for one night stands.

A beard, to women, conveys masculinity and a sense of responsibility. A beard also represents a certain difference from the norm. Although beards are beco


7 Reasons to Donate Clothes to Charity

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Many people around the United States like to help others. Not everyone can donate money or volunteer for a nonprofit but most of us have items and clothing that we are not planning to use again. By working with charities that will pick up donations, we can see to it that our used stuff gets a new lease on life and can help other people. Here are some great reasons to make clothing donations to charity.

  1. People can use your old clothing. The United States is home to some of the worst and most volatile weather on earth. From hurricanes to blizzards and tornadoes, people have to deal with a number of natural disasters. When disaster strikes, many people lose just about everything they own. While some non-profit organizations will only take money, there are some that take items. The clothing you

Finding the Right Stylist Is a Goal That Many Clients Have

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Hair salon san jose

You have always enjoyed going to work because you love what you do, but until you opened your own hair salon shop you did not realize how much you would enjoy working for yourself. It was a major leap of faith when you decided to open your own hair salon shop at the beginning of 2017, but looking back on the last twelve months you do not have a single regret.
The problem with having a chair in someone else’s salon was that you were limited in the hours that you were able to provide services. The owners you had worked for in the past had always offered set hours that their employees had to follow. It was difficult, if not impossible, to get people in


‘Tis the Season to Give the Best Gifts to Friends and Family

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High end furnishings

The gifts are ready. The packages are wrapped. The car is loaded.
By noon you will be with your entire family for the traditional Christmas Eve celebration. This year, however, some of the presents that you are giving are pretty special. And while you always prided yourself in taking the time to select the perfect gift, this year you made sure that when you and your husband were on a once in a lifetime trip that you did a little extra shopping. After much thought and consideration, you purchased Murano glass vases for those who are the most important to you.
With an eye for the decorations in their homes and the colors they like the most, each of the Murano glass vases that you selected should be a perfect fit.
Special Christmas Gifts Help You Share Your Love with People You Care Abou


Is an Engagement Announcement Part of Your Holiday Plans?

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The space under the trees in your home are packed with presents. More so, in fact, than any other year.
Of all of the gifts that are gathered under the tree, though, there is one gift that you are certain will attract the most attention on Christmas morning. The package may not be the biggest or the most elaborately decorated, but the solitaire engagement ring will be a huge hit. Not only for your girlfriend of three years, but for all of the family members who will be present as well.
Not every proposal can work on a Christmas morning, but for you this is a perfect setting. Your soon to be fiance and her family have long been a part of your family’s Christmas traditions. As across the street neighbors, your two families have spent many Christmas mornings together. Alternating between hous


Hair Syles for 2018 What?s New, What?s Back

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Hair styling

It?s your crowning glory and there?s no doubt that that the look of your hair affects your mood and self confidence. A good hair day is a good day, and conversely a bad hair cut can ruin a day or a week. For 2018, it?s easier than ever to have a good hair day. A sneak peek at trending styles shows that the look is natural, free and easy. On the runways, in the salons and on the fashion pages, braids, loose updos and buns or pixie cuts are everywhere.

Hair care: salon or home?
Did you know that there are more beauty salons than movie theaters in the country? With 360,000 locations in the U.S. and revenues worth $150 billion worldwide, the hair styling and beauty industry makes a major contribution to the economy. In fact the U.S. alone accounts for half of the total worldwide rev


Want To Combine Exercise With A Taste Of Adventure? Try Archery, Rock Climbing Or Diving

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Exercise is good for you. We all know this intrinsically. But why is it so hard to get it done?

When you’re having a hard time getting in your daily 20 minutes or just can’t work up the courage to look at your scale, it’s time to reinvent how you look at exercise. It’s not just a chore to help you accomplish a series of arbitrary numbers. It’s to make you feel better in every sense of the word. You can build muscle. You can get the figure you’ve been dreaming of. You can even perk up your lagging mental health. Making new friends and changing your self-image, at this point, is just icing on the cake. Let’s look into some great exercise ideas that may just change the way you look at cardio.


Nothing like a refreshing dip to cure what ails y


Brighten Your Loved One’s Day By Sending Them Flowers

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Who doesn’t love receiving flowers? According to a recent survey, 88% of people who receive a gift of flowers changes their mood for the better. Not only that, but 99% say that a person who gives flowers is thoughtful. Bottom line is that flowers are a great gift for almost any occasion; no matter if they are for a birthday, anniversary, or just to remind someone how much you love them.
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Research done at Rutgers University indicates that the presents we pick say a lot about us. So going to a store and picking up a card and gift card doesn’t show much effort into the gift, but picking out flower arrangements certainly does. It shows that time was put into the gift and those who send flowers are viewed as successfu


Want to Improve Your Style? Try These Tips

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ladies watches

If you want to change up your style a little bit, don’t just buy a new coat or mix and match some old clothes, sit down and think about how you can improve your style without changing your look that you love.

New Hairstyle
A new hairstyle is the easiest way to reinvent your look if your feeling like you want to change something up. You don’t have to go overboard (unless you want to), but there are millions of new hairstyles you can try. Some of them you might hate, which is okay because you can just retry until you find something that works, but if you find one that feels right — you can go for it and enjoy it.

Wear Ladies Watches
Approximately 25% of all watch buyers admit that they do so to wear it and make a fashion statement. Ladies watches can truly reinvent your wardrobe and turn some heads at any party or social gathering you walk into. There are amazing womens designer watches that not only look great as an accessory to the rest of your outfit, but they are convenient, too. No one likes the person at work who constantly checks their phone, but someone who suddenly takes a peek at their wrist watch while leaving their phone in their pocket gives off a much more professional look.

Step Up Your Shoe Game
Another easy way to improve your style is to change your footwear. Although having one pair of good shoes is great, but you should try and bump up your footwear collection as much as you can. Take seasonally appropriate footwear into consideration as well. Get some nice winter boots and some excellent summer heels and rock any outfit you want!

Ladies watches, awesome shoes, and a brand-new hairstyle is a great way to find that style that you’ve been looking for. If you’re sick of your attire, it’s time to mix it up, so hopefully these tips will help! If you are ready to improve your style and check out some nice gold womens watches, contact Phigora today.


Finding Quality Mens Wear Is Not Always an easy Task

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Black Friday shopping and Cyber Tuesday Surfing have both taken a toll on your check book and your credit card. Finding the right men suits, dress shirts, and high quality shoes for your husband has been the biggest challenge, but you were finally able to locate what you were looking for.
From a single pair of dress pants to a custom tailored suits, there are some gifts that are often difficult to shop for. When you find the right item, though, the search is worth the effort. And while not everyone wants men suits o