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    Understanding the Customer for Supreme Clothing

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    The world of shopping for clothes has changed drastically over recent years. The massive growth of online stores and specialty stores has all but replaced big box department stores. The greatest downfall for the big box stores is that the process of getting clothes from inception to the store floor was so long that by the time the clothes were available to the customers, they were already out of style making the process inefficient.

    Following an online model has allowed designers to create supreme clothing in a fraction of the time and the limited overhead expenses allows them to realize a significantly larger profit. One report suggests that an online store can make upwards of $100,000 per year more than a comparable brick and mortar store.

    Specialty shops have also gained a solid footing in the market as consumers want to buy from a store that understands


    What Are Your Daily Goals?

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    • Watch the sun rise or the sun set.
    • Practice piano.
    • Drink 80 ounces of water.
    • Go for a run.

    Not a bad list of daily habits.
    Your youngest daughter is still eight weeks away from the start of her senior year in high school, but she is already getting herself organized. She has decided that she will have a bullet journal this year, instead of the calendar style daily planners that she has had in the past. And while she is not really looking forward to the end of summer, she is excited about getting organized. Actually, she has always loved anything that has to do with organization. From binders to book covers and from pencil bags to planning for dances, she loves to get caught up in the details. Not surprising, she had not only purchased her Homecoming dress for her last and final year in high school, but she is also working with a group of her guy friends to make sure that they can do an in store shoot with their Prom tuxedos so that these


    How Your Old Clothes Can Help Charities to Fund Their Programs

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    Did you know that many charities use clothing donations to raise funds for their programs? You may never have thought that your old clothes could actually help veterans and their families, or support educational and environmental programs. But when your gently used clothes and household items are sold in thrift stores operated by charities like the MOPH, the money is used to carry on their work. Donations for non profit organizations are tax deductible. As a bonus, by donating clothing, you’re keeping it out of overflowing landfills.

    Why donate clothing or household goods?
    You may not have any use for those old clothes or kitchen appliances, but plenty of other people might. By making donations for non profit organizations like the Military Order of the Purple Heart or MOPH, you’re giving your old clothes a new lease on life. They will be sold in thrift stores and the proceeds used to fund programs for veterans and their families. Other charities use y


    Vacations at the Beach Are a Popular Option for Many Families

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    This is the vacation that your family has been looking forward to for more than two years. Once you realized that your oldest daughter would graduate from college, that your youngest daughter would graduate from high school, and that you and your husband would be celebrating your 20 year anniversary all within three months, you knew that this merited a major celebration. And while you did not really want to host another party, all four of your agreed that taking a major vacation together would be the perfect option. Always wanting to travel to Greece, the whole family got behind the plan and started doing research, as well as cutting back on extra spending.
    In fact, in order to help budget for the trip, everyone agreed that in the 12 months leading up to the trip, there would be no birthday or Christmas gifts. Already living in a house that is filled to the brim, the decision to forgo gifts for a year would mean that you would have more money to enjoy excursions while you were vaca


    Quiz: Which Engagement Ring is Perfect for the Love of Your Life?

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    wedding ringProposing to the love of your life is one of the biggest moments in your relationship. Not only do you want to make sure that the moment itself is perfect, but you also want to have the perfect engagement ring.

    There are so many different rings that it can feel impossible to pick out the right one. There’s so much to think about! The are four factors you need to remember that determine the value of a diamond: color, carat, clarity, and cut. If you’re struggling to choose the right wedding ring for your significant other, take this quiz!

    If you both went out for dinner, what would your partner wear?

    A: A Blazer and Dress Pants

    B:The Latest Runway Look

    C:Flannel and Bean Boots

    D:A Little Black Dress

    At dinner, what would your partner order?

    A:Soup and a Salad

    B:Fish Tacos

    C:Chicken Wings

    D:Salmon and Vegetables

    What does your partner never leave home without?

    A:Tubes of Lipstick


    C:Their Gym Key Tag

    D:Cat-Eye Sunglasses

    Mostly A’s

    If you picked mostly A’s, your love is elegant and traditional. She typically only wears silver jewelry, which means her engagement ring and wedding ring should be silver as well. A solitaire setting with a single diamond in the center is the best option for her. The engagement ring should feature a metal band with nothing on it, while the wedding ring should be surrounded by single diamonds.

    Mostly B’s

    If you picked mostly B’s, your girl is outgoing and stylish. She’ll likely want something that’ll sparkle and take the breath of anyone who sees it. Pick out a designer jewelry setting that holds her diamond higher, or one that has diamonds all around the band. A halo setting, a single diamond surrounded by many smaller diamonds, is also a great idea as it’s definitely one that will stand out.

    Mostly C’s

    If you picked mostly C’s, your girl is a nature lover and outdoorsy. She loves all of the outside elements and doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty. She’s typically very active, so find a ring that holds the diamond a little closer to her hand. A thin metal band that will hug the diamond all the way around it is a great way to ensure that her diamond stays protected during her hikes.

    Mostly D’s

    Finally, if you picked mostly D’s, your partner is timeless and romantic. Is Coco Chanel her idol? Does she love Paris more than anything, except you, obviously? A ring from Tiffany and Co with some delicate and scroll work patterns is key. Consider a ring that looks more antique other than one that is more modern. Better yet, give her a ring from one of your favorite family members. joyeria pandora joyeria pandora joyeria pandora


    The Importance Of Wedding Planning In The United States

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    There are many important components to planning a large or even moderately sized party, from choosing your table linen to choosing a venue. Decisions both large and small must be taken into consideration, and nothing can be left unplanned. In fact, event planning is even a full time job, with many people specializing in the planning of important events such as weddings. The majority of all event planners in the United States – nearly fifty five percent of event planners in total – even attend regular conferences in order to keep up with the latest in the event planning world and to hone their skills and keep them sharp as well. If you are planning a large event, an event planner can help you to do everything from picking out the right table linen to finding a metal table skirting hanger (something the vast majority of the general population doesn’t even know about as something that exists in the world – but an event planner will).

    Such a large event that greatly benefits from the infl


    The Perfect Outfit How To Make Sure Your Colors, Layers And Styles Are Always Turning Heads

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    Fashion is one of humanity’s greatest achievements.

    Just like the trees shift from green to orange and the sky swaps out the moon for the sun, so too do we express our growth through colors, layers and style. Even the most minute adjustment to your make-up or choice of footwear can completely reinvent your look and turn heads. It’s here we reach the double-edged sword of expressing yourself…how do you make sure you’re keeping up with the latest trends while still giving it your own personal touch? Should you even want to try out the latest Dilara Findikoglu clothing or Charles Jeffery jackets?

    When in doubt? Make sure you got the basics. Let’s take a look at how to make sure you’re never skimping out on the essential elements of a solid look.

    Did You Know?

    Fashion moves at the speed of light. One minute high-rise skinny jeans are in, the next minute we’re all about baggy jeans. Even then? Throwback looks are seeing a comeback in c


    How to Create Your Own Private Label Swimwear

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    Some of the most popular activities in America are also activities that people like having special clothes to do. Take yoga, for example. In the Northeast, 30% of the population now practices yoga, and on the West Coast, 20% of people practice yoga. In the spring of 2017, there were nearly 29 million Americans who had done pilates or yoga in the previous 12 months. Because of this, spending on yoga-related products has gone up by 74% in the past five years.

    With all the money being spent on things like private label swimwear, private label yoga wear, and private label sportswear, isn’t it about time you got in on the action?

    Your Private Label Swimwear: Step #1

    You’re ready to bring your own design to life and see a potential market for your product. The first thing to do is think about design. Whether it’s a private label bikini or some kind of sportswear, your design is the first thing that will set your garment apart. Muted tones or vibrant designs, minimalist or eleg


    Looking for Elegant Gifts or Decorations? Find a Florist Online!

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    Whether you’re searching for a thoughtful gift for that special someone or an elegant floral arrangement for an autumn inspired wedding, flowers are still a cornerstone of our culture despite the age of technology we live in. Serving as a reminder of nature’s beauty, flowers can be uplifting gifts or gorgeous decoration, perfect for holidays, special occasions, or even just to remind someone you’re thinking of them.

    If you’re in need of some flowers, finding a florist online is one of the best options available for consumers today. There are boundless options when considering buying flowers on the internet, but it’s important to be aware of customer reviews when finding a florist online. Choosing a florist can be a determining factor in the quality of your plants and, in cases of flower delivery, the speed at


    4 Reasons Your Landscape Crew Needs Hi Vis Clothing

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    It’s not always well known and practiced, but landscaping crews need safety clothing, like a reflective windbreaker jacket or fluorescent vest, just as much as those working on construction crews or highway work. Here are four reasons why it’s essential for your landscape crew to have the right safety clothes.

    Their Environment Can Be Unexpectedly Dangerous

    The nature of the work means that people working landscaping are frequently standing and working along roadsides where traffic is moving at 25mph or faster. While 25mph isn’t a speed that’s going to cause a major injury for most people in cars, it’s still plenty fast enough to seriously injure or even kill a human being. And while construction sites and highway road projects are clearly marked, a landscaping professional can seemingly appear “out of nowhere” as far as motorists are concerned, and in places where drivers don’t exp