There is nothing that can make you feel more resourceful and giving than thinking of others all year round. Especially right now when we are entering into the holiday season, it helps to think of others in their time of need and remember that not everybody is as lucky as we are when it comes to shelter, clothing, food, and all of our other basic needs. You will find that some people spend all year searching for a place to call home, struggle to raise their families, and more. This is where charitable giving comes into play to help others during a time of great stress.

Charity pick up is one of the greatest resources for many people in need. If you decide to donate to others throughout the year, having a company on your side who will travel to receive your items and ensure that those in need receive them is one of the kindest things that can help an entire family. Organizations that accept clothing donations are far and few, but they tend to work for the well-being of the women, men, and children who are falling on hard times and need it the most.

How Charitable Giving is Making a Difference

We throw away too many items that can be used to bring joy and stability to a family’s life. In fact, research shows that 12 million tons of clothing are thrown out every year. About 2 million tons were donated or recycled in 2011 alone, which means that we could be making a bigger difference if we really tried and invested in the services of charity pick up, which would allow us to change lives in a heartbeat. Used clothing pick up might not seem like much, but these are huge strides for a family who has been struggling to make ends meet due to job loss and many other reasons.

The average woman owns 30 outfits, which means that, when it comes time to recycle clothing, it should always be considered for donation so that another woman can enjoy feeling clothed and secure when she goes out into the world. Clothing pick up makes this possible, changing lives in more ways than we could ever imagine.

With the average American tossing 82 pounds of clothing every year, this shows you how we can make change – and make it quickly. Consider donating this year, as every piece of clothing could change someone’s life. Charity pick up will continue to help people make strides where it matters in the lives of others.