Did you know that many charities use clothing donations to raise funds for their programs? You may never have thought that your old clothes could actually help veterans and their families, or support educational and environmental programs. But when your gently used clothes and household items are sold in thrift stores operated by charities like the MOPH, the money is used to carry on their work. Donations for non profit organizations are tax deductible. As a bonus, by donating clothing, you’re keeping it out of overflowing landfills.

Why donate clothing or household goods?
You may not have any use for those old clothes or kitchen appliances, but plenty of other people might. By making donations for non profit organizations like the Military Order of the Purple Heart or MOPH, you’re giving your old clothes a new lease on life. They will be sold in thrift stores and the proceeds used to fund programs for veterans and their families. Other charities use your clothing donations for educational and environmental programs.
Your donations help environmental and veterans charities to fund their programs, but there’s another benefit as well. You’re also helping the environment, by keeping your used clothing out of the trash, where it will eventually end up in the landfills. Among all recyclable materials like paper, plastics, metal, glass, etc., textiles have the lowest recovery rates. Only about 15% of all used clothing in the U.S. is recycled, while the rest is wastefully dumped in the trash. About 10.5 million tons of textiles are sent to the landfills each year.

Where can I donate clothes?
About 80% of all donated clothing in the U.S. is used by charities to support their work helping people. They try and make it as easy as possible for you to drop off your used clothing. Clothing donations for non profit organizations can be dropped off at large bins located conveniently at gas stations, community centers and libraries, and in parking lots. If you have a large shipment, you can even call to schedule a used clothing pick up, and they will send a truck around to your house.
It’s a good idea to pick a reputed charity that is registered as a non profit. That way you can be sure that your donation will be used well. Donations for non profit organizational are also tax deductible, and you can get a receipt for the value of your donations. You should hold on to the receipts, because may need to include them when filing your tax returns, depending on the total value of your donation.

How the charities use your donations
Charities run thrift stores where they sell gently used clothing and household goods, books, music, and toys. Many people who enjoy thrift shopping and want to support the charity will take the time to make a trip to the store, to pick up unusual items of home decor, vintage clothing, or books. Other people, who are on a budget, shop at thrifts because they have a chance to pick up quality items at bargain prices.
Often families with children, or those starting out or starting over will try an find household items like post and pans, utensils, dinnerware, and small appliances. Clocks, toasters, and coffee makers are quickly snapped up! Many people will do their back to school shopping at thrift stores run by charities.

When you make clothing donations for non profit organizations, you’re actually doing a world of good. You’re helping charities to fund their programs for veterans, education and the environment. You are also helping the environment directly by keeping more textiles out of the landfills. Your old clothes and kitchen appliances will find a useful life in another home. You didn’t think your old clothes could make such a difference, did you?