During spring people clean up their homes give them to organizations that accept clothing donations. It is not easy to know how to donate to charity, and you need to do some research before you give out those clothes. You intend to help someone who is in need. People make donations every year, and in 2007, clothes worth about $5.8 billion were donated to different charity foundations in America.
Here are tips to ensure your generosity reaches organizations that help.

Donate Items That can be Used
Anything that you donate should be in good condition. You can even talk to the charity organization and if possible let them see and approve the items. Giving out things that cannot be used defeats your purpose of donating and can be costly to the organization. If you do not follow donation guidelines, the organization has to sort them out and dispose of what they cannot use. It will definitely waste their time and resources.

Know Where to Drop Tour Donations
Most of the organizations that accept clothing donations do not receive clothes given out because they were dropped at wrong places. Some of the clothes dropped in bins and bundled, weighed and sold to people who send them overseas to developing countries. While it’s not so bad to give the clothes to third world countries, it ruins their local text industries. This can put manufacturers out of business with time.

Take your time and find charities in need of clothing donation. You will find organizations that need specific clothes like dresses and gowns to donate to girls who cannot afford prom outfits. There are also others who donate formal suits to people attending job interviews and cannot afford to buy formal clothes.

Donate Money
If you have highly valuable clothes that you would like to give out, sell them and send the money to organizations helping families in need. You will find a market online or in a yard sale. Giving money is far much better and it sad to see some people happy to donate, but it’s a way to clear them home and enjoy clutter-free space.

Organizations that accept clothing donations are many, and you can choose any of them; it is better than having those clothes lying in your house with no use. Talk to other members of your family and donate as a family. Donating every year will ensure you give out trendy clothes that the recipients will enjoy wearing.