Consider Participating in Charitable Giving This Year

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    There is nothing that can make you feel more resourceful and giving than thinking of others all year round. Especially right now when we are entering into the holiday season, it helps to think of others in their time of need and remember that not everybody is as lucky as we are when it comes to shelter, clothing, food, and all of our other basic needs. You will find that some people spend all year searching for a place to call home, struggle to raise their families, and more. This is where charitable giving comes into play to help others during a time of great stress.

    Charity pick up is one of the greatest resources for many people in need. If you decide to donate to others throughout the year, having a company on your side who will travel to receive your items and ensure that those in need receive them is one of the kindest things that can help an entire family. Organizations that accept clothing donations are far and few, but they tend to work for the well-being of the women, m


    How to Reach Organizations That Accept Clothing Donations

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    During spring people clean up their homes give them to organizations that accept clothing donations. It is not easy to know how to donate to charity, and you need to do some research before you give out those clothes. You intend to help someone who is in need. People make donations every year, and in 2007, clothes worth about $5.8 billion were donated to different charity foundations in America.
    Here are tips to ensure your generosity reaches organizations that help.

    Donate Items That can be Used
    Anything that you donate should be in good condition. You can even talk to the charity organization and if possible let them see and approve the items. Giving out things that cannot be used defeats your purpose of donating and can be costly to the organization. If you do not follow donation guidelines, the organization has to sort them out and dispose of wh


    How Your Old Clothes Can Help Charities to Fund Their Programs

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    Did you know that many charities use clothing donations to raise funds for their programs? You may never have thought that your old clothes could actually help veterans and their families, or support educational and environmental programs. But when your gently used clothes and household items are sold in thrift stores operated by charities like the MOPH, the money is used to carry on their work. Donations for non profit organizations are tax deductible. As a bonus, by donating clothing, you’re keeping it out of overflowing landfills.

    Why donate clothing or household goods?
    You may not have any use for those old clothes or kitchen appliances, but plenty of other people might. By making donations for non profit organizations like the Military Order of the Purple Heart or MOPH, you’re giving your old clothes a new lease on life. They will be sold in thrift stores and the proceeds used to fund programs for veterans and their families. Other charities use y