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    Learn More About How Promotional Products and Apparel Can Enhance Brand Awareness

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    Consumers are exposed to thousands of ads and other promotional messages on a daily basis. Recent data shows that this amounts to an average of 3,000! Even though a substantial percentage of these ads and promotional messages may be encountered via print media, other consumers are exposed through watching television, listening to the radio, or while surfing the Internet. There are, of course, other ways to enhance brand recognition and increase sales through a wide variety of promotional items.

    Promotional Product Usage and Display

    A recent survey explored the various types of promotional products and the frequency with which they’re used or displayed. In addition to 53% of the participants indicating that they used a promotional item a minimum of once per week, the survey revealed that consumers had at least one of these items located in the following areas:

    • Kitchen: 91%
    • Personal workspace: 74%
    • Bedroom: 55%

    When consumers have a f


    Military Charities Put Clothes to Good Use

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    Military charities are always on the lookout for increased donations and helping families in need across the country, especially military families. Most of all, they are interested in clothing donations for these military charities, and organizations exist to pick up these used clothes and send them where they are needed the most. This need is ongoing, and donating to this cause can go a long way.

    Today’s Clothing Waste

    The garment industry is massive: every year, the U.S. can generate about 25 billion pounds of new textiles, and the average American woman today has an outfit for every day of the month. Not all of it is new; every year, an average American will buy 10 pounds of old or used clothing.

    However, for how huge the garment industry is, the wastefulness of it all is apparent. A lot of old clothing is thrown away rather than donated,


    The Best Custom Sportswear Can Drive Large Sales Numbers

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    This is the big weekend. After handing out the custom company shirts at the office on Friday, the while group is going to head to the football game that night. It may only be a high school rivalry to some, but the fact of the matter is this cross town contest is a big deal in the community. Your company has always helped sponsor the tailgate cookout before the game starts, so the shirts are part of the whole event. The design features both teams and the workers love the chance to celebrate with both teams before the game starts.
    The shirts have become a popular way to celebrate a big weekend, but they are popular year round, even when the game is long over.
    Finding the Right Fundraising Apparel Can Help You Turn an Event Into a Tradition
    School sports apparel continues to grow in popularity. So much so that there are often just as many parents wearing


    Wedding Rings Are a Time-Honored Tradition Open to Change

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    Expensive gems and metals have been highly desired by social elites around the world for millenia, establishing themselves as essential aspects of royalty, nobility, engagement to marry, and status. This tradition continues well into the modern age, but now, in recent decades, some traditions surrounding fine jewelry and the social customs tied to them are opening to change.

    The Next Generation

    The Millenial generation, those aged around 23-36, are old enough to seriously consider marrying and buying decorative jewelry like their parents before them. And like many generations before them, today’s young men are buying diamonds and gold engagement rings for their girlfriends, but with new twists.

    Many of the world’s diamonds originate from diamond mines across sub-Saharan Africa,/conflict-diamond-facts”/>Brilliant Earth, where the have been mined for years. Now, however, Millenials often express interest in conflict-free diamonds, including those that are lab-grown


    Taking A Look At Decorating Your Home In The United States

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    From rustic style chairs to a glass coffee table, the furniture and home decor that you place in your home has the potential to have quite the impact. After all, your home can often be a reflection of who you are as a person, and the way that you decorate it can say a lot about your. You’ll need to keep a number of things in mind when you go through the process of redecorating your home, from the furniture that you choose (such as rustic style chairs) to the upkeep it will need to the budget that you set for yourself. Remember that it’s more than okay to take your time in the process of redecorating your home. It definitely does not need to happen all at once but instead can be something that you build up over the course of time, making your home, little by little, into your favorite place in the world.

    From rustic style chairs to couches, seating is important – especially comfortable seating. Leather furniture like the typical rustic leather sofa or leather armchairs are particul


    Ride ‘Em, Cowboy Rodeo Shops for the Best of the West

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    What come to mind whenever you hear the word “rodeo”? Exciting images of rugged cowboys riding skillfully on spirited horses kicking up lots of dust, no doubt.

    Then of course there’s all the rodeo equipment, lassos and saddles. Most of all, though, rodeo styles come to mind. Items such as cowboy sweatshirts, western boots…wouldn’t it be great to be able to find all these western styles in one place?

    Well, you’re in luck, because there is a place where you can find western apparel and accessories. What is this place? It’s called a rodeo shop, and it’s waiting there for you, ready to make your western dreams come true.

    A rodeo shop is a retail establishment that specializes in western accessories and styles. They feature a wide variety of goods with western themes. The selection offered in a rodeo shop is great, and the items are high-quality. Let’s look at a few categories.

    Western Items for the Home
    For items that will carry the western theme