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    Getting the Most Out of Your Unworn Clothes

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    Pick up clothing donations

    There’s a strange disparity that is seemingly growing within America right now, and has been for decades. This gap, at its core, is a wealth-gap — people either live an amazing life, a modest one, or a very poor one. One of the most recognizable ways that this can be seen is through the number of items that people own. The average, middle-class American own a lot of stuff nowadays, particularly clothes. The average American woman, who only owned nine outfits back in 1930, now owns well over 30 outfits.

    The shame to this standard of living and owning of stuff is that a lot of it goes unused and unworn. Consider your own bedroom at this very moment: How often do you wear the outfits that you own? It’s likely that you wear a handful of them very often — shirts, pants, sweaters, etc.. Otherwise, most of the other clothes/outfits go unworn, worn only for an occasion and nothing more. Not only are those clothes going unworn and taking up space within your home, but they are sitting untouched while they could be better serving those that cannot even begin to afford an outfit or two.

    If you are in this situation — where you own too many clothes and are seeking to donate them to people who need them more than you, you should consider seeking out organizations that accept clothing donations. More than 2 million tons of clothing was donated to charities just in 2011; becoming part of this charitable movement is a selfless endeavor. However, these organizations that accept clothing donations, who are focused on helping families in need, are countless, but they differ in where they donate their clothing to.

    Most charitable donation organizations offer used clothing pick up services and drop off locations where clothing can be donated to a greater cause. In particular, they will seek to recycle clothing, keeping it out of landfills and providing to people that will greatly benefit from its arrival. Most of the organizations that accept clothing donations tend to partner with several other types of charitable organizations, increasing their charitable reach:

    Charities for Military Families

    While entering and serving in the military brings a specific sort of valor about it, there also comes some poor after-effects. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), chronic pain/health issue, severe injury/dismemberment, and, at worst, death: A soldier and their family can easily become burdened by the detritus fallout that can come from time spent serving in the military.

    If you’d like to support these people and their families, consider seeking out an organization that helps military families, particularly those that have been damaged or unnecessarily burdened by the effects of war. Partnerships between these two types of organizations that accept clothing donations, military and charitable donation collections, provides former military members and their families with the resources needed to properly integrate them back into civilian life, at its basic level, giving them clothing so to save them money, and offer them a simple, kind, caring gesture in return of their ultimate service and sacrifice.

    Charities for the Physically Disabled

    Providing resources and shattering the ever-present misunderstandings about the physically disabled — blind, paralyzed, etc., these charities, when paired with organizations that accept clothing donations, can provide necessary resources and materials that will further their initiatives for the better. These organizations and charities for the physically disabled provide the means and resources such that people can reach their greatest potential without unnecessary roadblocks.

    Catholic Charities

    Two organizations that accept clothing donations together, local catholic charities, organizations who seek to further local, communal endorsements and charitable exercises, works along with donation organizations to procure clothing and household items from local communities to provide resources to the at-risk, in-need members of their community. These person-to-person interactions and donations help ensure that communities are bettering themselves, starting with those that most need it.

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    4 Benefits of Purchasing Boutique Clothing Online

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    Criss cross front dress

    It’s common throughout the year to find that your wardrobe is in need of a major update. Many people find that boutique clothing offers them a unique look that is both stylish and classy. It’s understandable to want to purchase a few boutique clothing items in order to change up your wardrobe. In other cases, you might want to purchase a few items in order to treat yourself. Whether you’re in need of cutout tees or a new black dress, you’ll want to consider how beneficial it is to purchase boutique clothing online. With that in mind, here are four benefits of shopping on the website of a boutique online clothing store.

    1. Having Clothes Delivered to Your Home

      Many people would love to be able to visit a boutique clothing store. Unfortunately, you likely have many commitments that make it incredibly difficult to take a day for yourself to shop at the most incredible boutiques. In addition, driving from store to store can take quite a lot of time especially if these boutiques are far apart from each other. On the other hand, shopping at a boutique online clothing store ensure that any orders are shipped directly to your residence.
    2. No Fighting for a Parking Spot

      Another thing that many people hate about going out in the world to shop is dealing with a crowded parking lot. In many cases, these lots are filled with distracted drivers that are all moving around in relatively enclosed spaces. Considering that, it’s no surprise that many accidents or close calls take place while two drivers are in the same parking lot. You’ll never have to worry about hunting for a parking spot while you purchase items from a boutique online clothing store.
    3. Extremely Wide Range of Items

      Many boutique stores cater to a certain amount of people. Therefore, these shops tend to offer a smaller range of clothing. You don’t want to have to travel to boutiques across the town or state in order to throw a wardrobe together. With that in mind, a boutique online clothing store often has a far wider range of items than your average brick and mortar retail location.
    4. Not Having to Deal With Pushy Salespeople

      A boutique clothing store can be a great place to visit. However, it only takes one pushy salesperson to have you running out of the store in a fast manner. It’s not a salespersons fault as these individuals are simply trying to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities. That being said, it’s understandable that you don’t want to shop while feeling pressure from pushy sales workers.

    To summarize, there are several benefits associated with purchasing boutique clothing online. You’ll find that ordering from these websites means you’ll have your clothes delivered right to your doorstep. Many people prefer to order clothing online in order to avoid fighting the traffic and crowded parking lots that come with a typical trip to the mall. Online boutique stores often are able to carry a much wider selection than retail stores with smaller space limitations. Lastly, shopping online is preferable to many in order to avoid having to deal with the sales tactics of pushy salespeople.

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    4 Characteristics of a Safe Work Uniform

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    Reflective windbreaker jacket

    There are some industries where appropriate and safe work gear is required. A few of these industries include construction, manufacturing, and first line responders. While safety is a priority in choosing the best work attire, comfort also needs to be considered. These are some of the most important characteristics of the best work uniforms.

    Protection from inclement weather

    Some workers spend a majority of their workday outdoors, despite the current weather conditions. They might work in rain, snow, or even thunderstorms. In these professionals, it is even more important to have protective work uniforms. Hi vis rain gear keeps workers dry and visible in heavy rains. Construction and road workers commonly work on the streets when rain is heavy. Drivers have reduced visibility and this can result in a dangerous work environment. Fluorescent vests can also improve the visibility of workers. Breathable reflective rain gear can give these workers the added protection they need.

    Insulation against heavy machinery

    Heavy machinery can also pose a risk to workers. This risk is common of manufacturing workers who are constantly working nearby large machines. It is also common for construction workers who are regularly on site with nails, screws, and other penetrative working supplies. One of the most important work uniforms features in these types of environments is work boots. Approximately $70 is spent per employee on foot protection per year. However, considering the risks present, this might not be enough to successfully prevent workplace injuries.

    Another form of insulation against heavy machinery is in the form of construction safety vests. Sometimes, despite the best training and safety protocols, accidents still happen. The goal then is to reduce the damages. When workers are required to wear safety vests and breathable reflective rain gear, they are protecting the most important organs, thus reducing the damages.

    Protection to the ears and eyes

    It is also important to provide and require ear and eye protection. Employees in the construction and manufacturing industries are constantly exposed to items that could permanently damage the ears or eyes. Protective eyewear can prevent problematic debris from getting into the eyes. Workers should also be required to wear protective earplugs in loud environments. Permanent hearing loss can be caused by sounds that are louder than 85 decibels. Yet, many people do not begin to notice the effect to their ears until the damage has already been done. It is the role of the employer to require these safety items.

    Career specific safety attire

    There are also safety attire items that are specific to the career. For example, first line responders require black safety vests that are also bullet and knife proof. Although the cost of these vests might be pricey, they could end up saving an employee?s life.

    Some believe that protective items like hi vis button up shirts and black vests are even more important at the beginning of a career when an injury is more likely. According to the Institute for Work and Health in Canada, a new employee in their first month at work has more than three times the risk of a lost time injury than others. Items like breathable reflective rain gear can protect new employees as they learn proper safety techniques on the new job.

    Uniforms are often used to create a sense of team environment among employees. They are also used to encourage recognition of customers. In some industries, work uniforms are more about safety. They provide necessary insulation, the protection of important bodily parts, and improved visibility in difficult work environments. Items like breathable reflective rain gear could potentially save a workers life.

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    Searching for Sea Glass Is a Popular Beach Tourist Activity

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    You love the pictures.
    You love the jewelry.
    You love the sea glass colors.
    After spending a little more than a week on the island with your husband and two daughters, you still felt that it really was not yet time to come home. The nine day vacation, however, was all that you could afford. And while staying a full two weeks would have made the trip even more fun, you are thankful for the many sea glass colors that you were able to find on the beach, as well as the sea glass jewelry maker that you found once you returned home. This artist was able to turn your found treasures into several types of sea glass charms, necklaces, and earrings. And while you were tempted to also purchase some of the sea glass rings that she had for sale, you promised yourself and your daughters that you would plan another beach vacation and you could again spend time looking for your own pieces of different types of beach glass so that you could have rings made from the memories that you found yourself.
    Sea Glass Jewelry Items Are Popular for Both Tourists and Locals
    If you have ever had the opportunity to live or vacation on or near a beach you understand the excitement of sea glass. Finding a piece of glass that may have literally been tumbling in the ocean for 100 years of more is exciting. And even if you find a piece that is much younger, less brilliant in color and still a little rough around the edges, you still know the fun that single find can be. When you return from vacation, however, you may be at a loss for what to do with these found treasures. Not surprising. a number of artists will turn your sea glass into a wearable piece of art. And while some colors are more common in some regions and while many of these pieces will vary depending how long they have been coming in and out with the tide, the best artists are able to turn your souvenir into a beautiful piece of jewelry that you will treasure for years.
    Consider some of these facts about sea glass colors and the history behind these wearable pieces of treasure:

    • Recycling plays a huge role in the availability of sea glass. In the past when there were no recycling programs, sea glass was more common. Today, with more people being careful about what goes into the ocean, sea glass is growing less and less common.
    • Made from Nassarius shells, the oldest known jewellery ever found was 100,000 year old beads.
    • Because sea glass has become more and more popular in the last decade, the beaches are more and more picked over. In fact, in some locations, very little, if any, sea glass actually remains.
    • Triangle is the most common shape of sea glass because when the glass breaks it breaks in straight angles, forming this shape. The oval shaped pieces were once triangles that have been worn down for at least 100 years. Not only is an oval shape rare because of the time it takes to smooth down, but also the fact that in all those hundred or more years it never got tossed hard enough to break against a rock.
    • Round, pitted smooth holes in the surface of sea glass are trapped air bubbles that were worn smooth and had the inside exposed after being worn down over the years.
    • Bonfire glass is sea glass that was either burned in a fire or got struck by lightening. In either case, heat actually melted the glass. The bonfire glass takes on unique shapes and usually has bubbles, as well as sand or dirt trapped inside.

    Sea glass colors are created from the color of the original bottle. For instance, cobalt blue pieces come from milk of magnesia bottles. Different parts of the country had different kinds of glass, creating different colors of sea glass. Whether you are looking for a single piece of glass for a necklace for yourself or a number of pieces so you can have jewelry made as gifts for friends, the process of finding the glass is both fun and relaxing.

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    Four Tips For Your T Shirt Fundraiser

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    School spirit wear shirts

    If you’re interested in fundraising, there are a lot of ways to go about it. From schools to businesses, communities, and charities, fundraising ideas are needed everywhere. About 98% of parents report that their children’s schools are raising money, and 40% said those fundraising efforts happened regularly. When it comes to school, fundraising provides $1.4 billion worth of team uniforms, computer lab equipment, field trips, and other programs and services. One of the best ways of fundraising is through apparel fundraising, and particularly fundraising t shirts. T shirts are very popular wardrobe items, and 62% of us have more than 10 in our closets. If you’re planning some fundraising t shirts, read on for four tips about how to do it right.

    Choose Fundraising T Shirts that Are Universal

    If you’re raising money for a school, for example, choose events that appeal to as many students or family members as possible. Prom is mainly for juniors and seniors, but spring break and championship games are for everyone. You’ll also want a design that appeals to both girls and boys.

    Make the Order Forms Easy to Fill Out

    If forms are confusing, you’re just made more work for yourself and possibly alienated potential buyers who were on the fence anyway. Make sure it covers everything, too, like how people will pay, sizes, when the payment is due, when the fundraising t shirts will arrive, and who to make checks out to.

    Do Yourself a Favor and Make Copies of Forms

    Make a copy of every order and you’ll likely never have to worry about a rude or disgruntled customer. There will be a copy to keep and one to send along with every order so that it if you do make a mistake it will be clear right away.

    Plan What to Do With Everything in Advance

    This includes your helpers, your profits, and your extras. When the fundraising t shirts arrive, know who is going to do what, and have a system in place so that everyone knows their job and everything gets checked and then checked again. Also, plan out what you’re going to do with the profits in advance so you don’t accidentally spend more than you brought in. Finally, have a plan for dealing with the extra shirts that are leftover.

    Whatever your reason for fundraising, a school t shirt fundraiser or other project can be a great way to raise awareness, promote group spirit, and bring in extra funds for your needs.

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    3 Ways That Sun Exposure Damages Your Skin

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    Mona lisa touch

    During warmer times of the year, many people love going outside to enjoy the nice weather. Unfortunately, you might be causing your skin a lot of harm if you aren’t protecting it on those hot days. In fact, statistics gathered from the Skin Cancer Foundation found that over 90% of all visible changes commonly seen with skin aging can be attributed to sun damage. You’ve likely heard that getting outside and enjoying the sun is a good thing to do. However, it’s important that you’re aware of how damaging the sun is to skin that isn’t properly protected by sunscreen. Considering that, here are three ways that unprotected sun exposure can damage your skin.

    1. Sunburns

      Many people throughout their lives have had to deal with sunburns. A sunburn occurs when certain layers of the skin burn from being exposed to the sun for long amounts of time. In many cases, a sunburn will cause the affected skin areas to become red and painful for a few days. On the other hand, more severe sunburns can last longer and be accompanied by painful blisters.
    2. Premature Aging

      It’s understandable that being exposed to the sun for long amounts of time can cause sunburns. However, you should know that unprotected time out in the sun can drastically increase the appearance of wrinkles on your skin. With that in mind, statistics show that even using sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher each day can age skin 24% slower when compared to those who don’t wear any sunscreen at all. Many people will utilize fillers which are injectables for wrinkles. These fillers help to fill in areas of the skin where sun damage has taken place.
    3. Developing Skin Cancer

      There are major health risks that can occur if you are out in the sun with no skin protection. In addition to sunburns and premature aging, being exposed to the sun can increase your risk of developing various skin cancers. Many people with sun damaged skin seek out a dermatologist in order to detect the presence of cancer. Experts recommend the most effective ways to prevent sun damage to the skin are to both wear protective clothing and apply sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor of 30 or above.

    To summarize, there are a few ways for unprotected exposure to the sun to damage your skin. Many people remember the first time they received a sunburn after being exposed to the sun for too long. Another side effect of unprotected sun damage is having wrinkles start appearing all over your skin. Many people seek out fillers in order to smooth away these wrinkles, giving off the appearance of younger skin. Continually having unprotected skin while being out in the sun can drastically increase your risk of developing skin cancer. It’s always important to wear sunscreen and protective clothing in order to prevent sun damage from occurring to you.

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    Buying A Watch For A Loved One This Season? Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes!

    Written by Shopping Video. Posted in Uncategorized

    used mens rolexWith an estimated growth rate of about 4% year-over-year, the watch market is expected to reach $11.5 billion by 2020. That’s because watches make a classy addition to almost any ensemble. If you’re considering buying a high-quality watch such as a new or used mens Rolex for someone you love this holiday season, make sure you do it right. Here are just a few mistakes to avoid when purchasing high-quality watches.

    Not Knowing Band Size
    Many people make the mistake of not knowing the right wrist size, especially when they’re buying for someone else. Taking shortcuts and making estimates can lead to your loved one getting a watch that just doesn’t quite fit them right. Don’t make this mistake; get your band size measurements from a watch that the person already owns.

    Basing Buying Decisions On Current Trends
    Trends are called trends because of the fact that they’re always changing. It’s true that 25% of watch buyers say they mainly wear a watch to make a fashion statement, but it’s important to keep in mind that what’s trendy or in style now won’t necessarily be the same five or 10 years down the road. Not only that, but it’s not accurate to think of trends as a one-size-fits-all solution that are universal for everyone to enjoy. Take the time to think about the personality and tastes of the person you’re buying the watch for. Browse through plenty of styles and designs to really find out that stands out and seems right for them. Trust us — you won’t regret it.

    Not Looking At Reviews
    Finally, with the abundant and almost omniscient presence of the Internet in today’s society, it seems illogical to make any major purchase without doing some serious research beforehand. Sure, looking at styles and designs is essential, but what will really seal the deal is knowing that the watch you’ve purchased is well-made and will last for years and years to come without needing replacement. Looking at online reviews from actual customers is often the best way to get a realistic and real-life opinion from people who have purchased and worn the watch themselves.

    Ultimately, avoiding these three major watch-buying mistakes can help you buy a classy accessory that will last for years to come. For more information about buying a used mens Rolex, used presidential Rolex, or pre owned Omega watches, contact Wingate’s Quality Watches. zapatillas air max zapatillas air max zapatillas air max


    They Did What?! The Surprising Meaning Behind Celebrity News

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    Celebrity gossip

    Today in entertainment, celebrity news plays a huge role. The ups and downs of fame for the latest celebrity can be read across countless gossip sites. Is this just a public need to engage in escapist behaviors, or is it something else? Celebrity news is generally associated with the magazines in supermarket checkouts, yet the comings and goings of celebrities keeps an entire industry running. Celebrity gossip keeps an estimted $3 billion industry going each year.

    How Do Celebrities Influence the Our Culture?

    For those on the outside, changing market trends probably seem closer to smoke and mirrors than the ebb and flow of ocean tides. While there will always be some degree of unpredictability when it comes to the spending habits of large groups of human beings, experts learned long ago certain indicators that help predict future trends. One such indicator is the latest celebrity news gossip. For example, the hip hop demographic alone contributes an estimated annual spending power of about $500 billion annually.

    Today In Entertainment: What’s the Public Obsessed With?

    Those same supermarket tabloids will inevitably proclaim what the public is currently obsessed with. It may seem the public is following specific people, and the scandal originates within just one person or two. The real obsession is actually with the perceived sin the celebrity is committing. For example, a beautiful couple who is divorcing is fascinating not because the people involved are wealthy and beautiful. Instead they are fascinating because even being wealthy and beautiful was not enough to put them above being unsatisfied in their marriage. That’s something many adults can relate to, and it is a very ordinary misery.

    Celebrity News: Playing Out Cultural Stereotypes.

    Another common feature of flashy headlines is stereotypes. A well-known actor may be portrayed as having a drinking problem, just like any other person. This doesn’t stop the magazine from running plenty of sleek liqueur advertisements, some with the socially responsible admonishment to “Drink Responsibly.”

    Many times, actors and actresses have their pictures taken while they’re at the beach or pool. Inevitably, those pictures will be admired or scorned, depending on the season of life the poor actor or actress happens to be in. If they are promoting a movie, it is a sure thing that the workout schedule and meal plan to get them there will be outlined in detail.

    Celebrities have fascinated people for thousands of years. Even during the glory days of the Roman Colosseum say many guests fanatically support their favorite gladiator. Admiring certain chosen people from afar for their beauty and/or skill seems to be in our history. It certainly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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    The Rise Of The Fashion Industry

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    Sharif handbags

    Going clothes shopping can be daunting and considering questions like how to find your right jean fit or bra size can be as intimidating as it is exciting. Fashion is a huge world and industry, one that produces billions in revenue for the United States every year. From skinny jeans to snakeskin handbags, shoppers ask themselves how to find your right jean fit and how to keep on top of trends and more every day as they shop in shopping malls and boutiques around the country. In just 2015 alone, the U.S. fashion industry was valued at over $300 billion.

    It’s true that many of us love to shop, finding the perfect sport coat, the perfect seasonal attire and seasonal accessories. But what many of us love more than anything is shopping online. There’s a wonderful convenience to it, of perusing to our heart’s content, never getting tired or worn out or sore feet. It’s so simple to click a few buttons and purchase a new designer shirt. And our love for online shopping shows – 40% of global consumers prefer online shopping. And the total revenue for e-commerce in 2021 is projected to be over $100 billion.

    For the shoppers asking how to find your right jean fit, online shopping can be, at first, daunting. After all, how are you supposed to ascertain how something will look on you if you can’t try it on? Fortunately, many retailers will allow you to do just that, offering the chance for returns within thirty days of a purchase.

    The fashion industry is, in party, so prosperous because the American consumer, particularly the American woman when it comes to clothes, wants more than they did before. Today, a typical American woman owns 30 outfits, what comes down to an outfit for every day of the month. In 1930, that number was drastically different. Almost a century ago, an average American woman only owned nine outfits total. And it’s not just outfits – we own more accessories than ever before as well, particularly hand bags and purses. In 2015, the total revenue for hand bags topped ten billion dollars. Surveys have shown that the average millennial woman owns an average of 13 handbags, and most women own handbags from a variety of brands.

    Be it how to find your right jean fit to how to find the perfect handbag for you, shopping has something for every American. The fashion industry is vast and growing, ever prosperous.

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    Silver From its Celestial Origins to Ornamental and Functional Designs

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    Sterling tray

    Silver and gold have intriguing origins. These precious metals are both formed from supernovae, or star explosions. When these stars, which are approximately ten times the size of Earth’s sun, explode at the end of their lifetimes, silver and gold are produced.

    Silver mining dates back thousands of years. The Royal Society of Chemistry reports that the first evidence of this was in Turkey and Greece circa 3000 B.C. It’s also interesting to note that there are a minimum of 14 different languages where the word, “silver” is the same as the word for “money.” Over the centuries, this medium of exchange has developed even further.

    When silver is polished, it is able to reflect 95% of the visible light spectrum. Silver’s shine is just one of the many reasons why it is a popular metal for a variety of ornamental and functional objects. Along with gold, silver is one of the most popular precious metals used to create jewelry. Since these metals are soft, however, gold and silver alloys are used when creating jewelry.

    Tableware is also too soft when composed of pure silver. Due to this, sterling candlesticks, sterling trays, sterling tea sets, and sterling vases are created from sterling silver. When creating this alloy, 92.5% silver along with 7.5% copper is used. In some instances, there are other types of metal that may be used.

    Sterling silver items, such as sterling vases, from the 19th and 20th centuries were usually marked with the word, “Sterling.” These items may also have the number, “925,” engraved somewhere on their surface. These are two of the ways that antique silver can be recognized. Since some items may just have a silver overlay, it’s important to look for these markers to determine whether or not a sterling vase or another piece is authentic. There are, of course, experts that can determine an items authenticity by other means.

    Do you have an antique silver collection? Then you may be searching for just the right piece to add to your display. Are you looking for something special for a friend or family member? There’s an excellent chance that you realize sterling silver items are considered to be traditional and valued gifts. Whether you need an anniversary, baby shower, birthday, or wedding gift, there are so many beautiful and useful items from which to choose.

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