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    5 Tips for Standing Out When You Go Back to School

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    Going back to school is tough. You’ve been away for a while enjoying the summer, and there’s an entire year of work facing you. Not only that, but you’ve got to deal with all the social aspects of school again, too. There are a lot of good reasons to look your best on the big day when you first go back to school. For one thing, you want to get noticed for the right reasons. For another, you want to feel good about yourself so you start out the new school year on the right foot. Finally, you want to make sure you’re sending the right message to everyone who sees you. From the pony cap to the right tee shirt, here’s how to nail your back-to-school fashion statement.

    Mix it Up

    The old rules said that you have to pair casual with casual and sophisticated with sophisticated. That’s no longer the case, but people do still follow this rule most of the time. That’s why you can really stand out by pairing a knitted tee shirt with a sophisticated and classy trouser or skirt. You can do t


    What To Consider When Shoe Shopping

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    Shoes are, to put it lightly, simply an important and even crucial part of life in the vast majority of the world, and particularly in the United States. From no tie shoelaces to velcro sandals (as well as any other type of shoe commonly used), shoes fill a very important role in providing us not only with support, but with the ability to keep our feet safe. Shoes can help us in running, in our day to day walking, and in a number of problems that are directly related to foot pain. And shoes have a long track record of success, first used more than five thousand and five hundred years ago, which the oldest lace up shoe, a leather moccasin, was able to be dated back to. So there’s no question that shoes have stood the test of time, and have only become more advanced and more adaptable than ever before.

    And from shoes with no tie shoelaces to shoes with heels that are sky high, the shoe industry in the United States is nothing if not thriving. With a total of more than twenty eight


    A Look At First Impressions And Why Dressing Up In the Workplace Matters

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    Dressing up for work is something that has, to some extent, fallen by the wayside in working life for the average adult living in the United States. Dressing casually has, in many places of business, become the norm, with things such as luxury dress shirts becoming less common and less seen than they once were. However, many employers would like to see such ways of dress, the ways that incorporated luxury dress shirts and tailored clothing, come back into style. In fact, very nearly half (forty seven percent, to be more exact) of all employers all throughout the entire country of the United States feel that their employees currently dress too casually – and wouldn’t mind seeing more luxury dress shirts and other methods of dressing up for work come back into play. As just more than that same percentage feel that their employees now dress far more casually than even


    Understanding the Customer for Supreme Clothing

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    The world of shopping for clothes has changed drastically over recent years. The massive growth of online stores and specialty stores has all but replaced big box department stores. The greatest downfall for the big box stores is that the process of getting clothes from inception to the store floor was so long that by the time the clothes were available to the customers, they were already out of style making the process inefficient.

    Following an online model has allowed designers to create supreme clothing in a fraction of the time and the limited overhead expenses allows them to realize a significantly larger profit. One report suggests that an online store can make upwards of $100,000 per year more than a comparable brick and mortar store.

    Specialty shops have also gained a solid footing in the market as consumers want to buy from a store that understands


    What Are Your Daily Goals?

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    • Watch the sun rise or the sun set.
    • Practice piano.
    • Drink 80 ounces of water.
    • Go for a run.

    Not a bad list of daily habits.
    Your youngest daughter is still eight weeks away from the start of her senior year in high school, but she is already getting herself organized. She has decided that she will have a bullet journal this year, instead of the calendar style daily planners that she has had in the past. And while she is not really looking forward to the end of summer, she is excited about getting organized. Actually, she has always loved anything that has to do with organization. From binders to book covers and from pencil bags to planning for dances, she loves to get caught up in the details. Not surprising, she had not only purchased her Homecoming dress for her last and final year in high school, but she is also working with a group of her guy friends to make sure that they can do an in store shoot with their Prom tuxedos so that these


    How Your Old Clothes Can Help Charities to Fund Their Programs

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    Did you know that many charities use clothing donations to raise funds for their programs? You may never have thought that your old clothes could actually help veterans and their families, or support educational and environmental programs. But when your gently used clothes and household items are sold in thrift stores operated by charities like the MOPH, the money is used to carry on their work. Donations for non profit organizations are tax deductible. As a bonus, by donating clothing, you’re keeping it out of overflowing landfills.

    Why donate clothing or household goods?
    You may not have any use for those old clothes or kitchen appliances, but plenty of other people might. By making donations for non profit organizations like the Military Order of the Purple Heart or MOPH, you’re giving your old clothes a new lease on life. They will be sold in thrift stores and the proceeds used to fund programs for veterans and their families. Other charities use y


    Vacations at the Beach Are a Popular Option for Many Families

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    This is the vacation that your family has been looking forward to for more than two years. Once you realized that your oldest daughter would graduate from college, that your youngest daughter would graduate from high school, and that you and your husband would be celebrating your 20 year anniversary all within three months, you knew that this merited a major celebration. And while you did not really want to host another party, all four of your agreed that taking a major vacation together would be the perfect option. Always wanting to travel to Greece, the whole family got behind the plan and started doing research, as well as cutting back on extra spending.
    In fact, in order to help budget for the trip, everyone agreed that in the 12 months leading up to the trip, there would be no birthday or Christmas gifts. Already living in a house that is filled to the brim, the decision to forgo gifts for a year would mean that you would have more money to enjoy excursions while you were vaca